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Blue Party leaders and members are arrested in the town of Gonder

Blue Party leaders and members of the campaign for peaceful public demonstration at Gonder Mesqel square are arrested in the town of Gonder. They are all now at the "woreda 2" police station in Gonder, four executive leaders of the party are among them. Police also took the cameras and laptops of blue party. The party leaders and members went to Gonder yesterday to hold the public demonstration on February 2, 2014 with the people of the town on issue of Ethio-Sudan border demarcation. Today, blue party leaders and members of the public demonstration campaign committee were calling for demonstration on the streets of Gonder. However, the police told them they could not promote the demonstration since they are not given permission. The party leaders and members argue that they have the right to promote and held the demonstration as long as they gave prior notice to the city administration as per the Ethiopian constitution. Police respond aggressively and started beating them and arrested all leaders and members.
So far 14 members of the blue party are being arrested in Gonder. The four executive leaders are
Getanhe Balcha (organization Affairs Head)
Yidenkachew Kebede (Legal Affairs Head)
Berhanu Tekeleyared (pulic Relation)
Yonatan Tesefaye (youth affairs Head)
two drivers and a camera man are also among them. They are arrested in Wereda two police station. Among the arrested two of them Getanhe Balcha and Agbaw Setegn are taken to the Mayor's office.