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We cannot Tolerate TPLF/EPRDF’s State Terror!

Press Release by Blue Party Ethiopia / Semayawi Party- Ethiopia/
It is a well known fact that TPLF/EPRDF has slaughtered and oppressed Ethiopian citizens since it came to power. In order to oppress the peaceful struggle, especially within the last 10 years, the regime acclaimed several repressive proclamations and laws to legalize its butchery and tyranny. Many politicians, journalists, bloggers, religious leaders and people who raised question against the regime are victims of these proclamations. Since these controversial laws have been applauded by TPLF/EPRDF, the security institutions that serve the regime have put a lot of politicians, journalists, activists and many who issue its power to jails. The regime also tries to label Medias such as ESAT as terrorists’ medium to threaten politicians in relation to terror act which is ridiculous. Blue likes to stress out that no one should not and cannot choose Medias for anyone in regards to freedom of speech and press.

Accordingly, TPLF/EPRDF’s obsession of power and its negligence to accountability is leading the country in a wrong and chaotic situation. Particularly the last four years have been difficult and the arrest of many peaceful citizens made the political atmosphere very constricted. Nevertheless, countless people are struggling peacefully within the rule of law; many flee abroad to over throw the dictatorial government with whatever way they thought is possible. Thus, Blue Party /Semayawi/ finds it very significant to take this firm position due to the above reasons and more that hasn’t been mentioned here:

1- On June 24 2014, the rebel group Ginbot 7’s General Secretary, Andargachew Tsege was detained by the Yemeni intelligence officers in collaboration with Ethiopian intelligence officers. The officials of both countries knowingly violated international conventions. It is not legal or convenient to intervene in eternal matters of a sovereign country whatsoever. Consequently, the act of Yemeni officials will sure distress the upcoming relationships of the countries. Nonetheless, as the regime didn’t let the public and his family know his whereabouts for 16 days, the matter has been viewed suspiciously in our party, in the public at large and in the international community. It is our concern that he could be ill treated and more. Therefore, Blue Party strongly demands that Andargachew Tsege must be treated moderately and that all his rights under custody are respected.

2- The regime also illegally arrested prominent figures of Ethiopian politicians on July 8. The detainees are members and leaders of parties who are engaged in peaceful struggle. In fact it is not surprising to hear such news; however, we have learned that the regime is anxious and is trying to connect the detainees with rebel forces so that it hopes it can crack down the peaceful struggle before the 2015 election for they could be a threat to its power. It is clear that the dictatorial rule wants to stay in power more through spreading fear among the society. Thus its desperation is leading its ego to arrest one of our members and three other party leaders. Blue Party’s National Council Vice Chairperson Mr. Yeshiwas Assefa, Mr Habtamu Ayalew(Head of Public Relations Affairs of UDJ), Mr. Daniel Shibeshi(Vice Chairman of Organizational Affairs of UDJ) and Arana Tigray’s executive committee member and activist Mr. Abraha Desta are detained for activism and peaceful struggle. All these figures have been engaged in promoting peaceful struggle within the rule of law. Their arrest boldly hints that the regime’s final days in power are counted and change is inevitable in the near future. Hence, Blue Party demands an immediate release of the detainees and as well advocate the regime to stop the state terror. We condemn that TPLF/EPRDF comes to its sense and do what’s right for themselves and the country before it’s too late.
Finally we make sure that the act of state terror by TPLF/EPRDF will not hinder us for an inch from the none-violent struggle we are committed to. We have come into the decision that the offensive and atrocious act of TPLF/EPRDF required us to bring the struggle to the next level. Hence, we call upon the Ethiopian people to be ready to a nationwide movement and make sure that Blue Party is fully committed to provide the leadership needed at its unsurpassed. The Party also calls the peaceful parties, international institutes, human right activists, civic societies for all Ethiopian born and Ethiopians to stand together.

Long live Ethiopia
Blue/Semayawi Party Ethiopia
July 10, 2014